$89.95 AUD

Genuine Italian Travertine Natural stone

Crafted from a natural Italian travertine stone, this generously sized & weighty vessel will be sure to win your heart. It can be used to hold your blooms, pens, make-up brushes, kitchen utensils and so much more.

Place it in amongst your decor objects for a truly outstanding textural ornament. An inner vessel is also included powder coated in a neutral Pantone colour. This will ultimately provide protection for your stone.

Product info:

  • Solid Italian Travertine stone (Creamy with dark grey, beige and gold veins)
  • Honed finish
  • 10cm x 11.5cm H
  • 3 felt surface savers included to protect your table tops
  • includes inner vessel powdercoated in a neutral Pantone colour
  • Tone and vein variation will appear on natural stone, as well as imperfections in some parts such as pitting, fissures, chips & cracks. This adds to the unique beauty of single piece will ever be the same as another.

Care instructions:

  • Be aware that food and liquids containing oils, acids and strong pigments can cause some slight marking or discolouration over time.
  • Wipe down with a clean damp sponge and dry.

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