$49.95 AUD

A Love Letter In Wax - 'The Body' XL - A celebration of the female form 'The Body' She is 350g and stands at 17cm Tall

Scents Available:

Hot Jam Donut

Peaches and Cream

Belgium Chocolate

Fresh Coffee

Sea Salt Caramel


'The Body' candle come in the colour Silk, a soft, milky white.

This Beautiful Body, is the largest body candle on the market.

Crafted with pure soy wax, this candle fills the home with scent whether lit or still.

Crafted mindfully just for you.

'The Body' has been poured by hand, meaning no two are the same.

Designed as an object for the home, please burn with care.

Place 'The Body' on a dish to catch her wax before lighting.

Love notes before you take her home:

As they are handmade in small batches, colours may vary slightly.

No two Burn For Love candles are the same, each is unique and some naturally occurring frosting may appear.

We recommend to burn 'The Body' candle on top of a small tray, plate or dish.

Please burn with care.


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