Rose Bois Incense Sticks and Burner Set

$35.00 AUD

Modern floral and romantic, the Rose Bois Incense Sticks and Burner Set is a contemporary take on the classic rose with earthy sandalwood and a hint of chocolate.

Combining natural, aromatic resin with a refined blend of premium perfumes, MAHŌ Sensory Sticks release a delicate, timeless fragrance when burned.

- Top Notes: Sandalwood
- Middle Notes:Cocoa Beans

- Base Notes: Rose

- 30 incense sticks. Burn time of each incense (approx. 60 mins)
- 30 hours total burn time

Button Burner Incense Holder included.


Place Sensory Stick away from you for a less smokey scent throw.  Burn multiple sticks for higher fragrance intensity. 


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