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A Scented Life is a delightful voyage of discovery into the senses and the power of scent.

In recent years, we've jumped right on the aromatherapy bandwagon and there is rarely a time you'll find us at home without essential oils lightly scenting the air or being applied in our skincare regime. It's become a must-have in our journey towards self-care.

We love this book for its simple and easy approach to aromatherapy, including magical remedies for the mind, body and skin.

A reference book that's as informational as it is downright beautiful. 

It traces the evolution of aromatic substances and their use as incense, medicine, perfume and ritual. It explores the many ways to use essential oils for pleasure, to increase confidence, support meditation practice, combat fatigue and above all de-stress.

It keeps building on information to provide a deeper and richer understanding of the complexity of aromatic essences and their use for mind, body and soul.

208 Pages


Dimensions 23 x 17 cm

Written by Pat Princi-Jones

Pat Princi-Jones first became interested in essential oils when she was introduced to the exotic scent of jasmine blooms more than 30 years ago and she has never looked back. She is the National Training and Education Manager at In Essence Aromatherapy and an associate member of the International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association.




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